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Nolan Nawrocki's Character Breakdowns Expand Beyond Cam Newton

By now, most of you are aware that Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly isn't a big fan of Auburn QB Cam Newton, despite having never met him. While league decision-makers (including Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix) flatly ignore Nawrocki's character analysis because of that fact, Nawrocki predictably continued to beat that drum in a rather interesting article detailing examples of the 2011 NFL Draft's character extremes.

While Newton is again taken to task in the article, one quarterback who earns Nawrocki's praise is TCU senior Andy Dalton. Writes Nawrocki: "A very smart, hard-working, well-prepared gym rat, Dalton has been discussed as a potential late first-round pick much more so because of his intangibles, football character and gritty competitiveness than because of his average athletic and arm talent."

This is an article worth checking out, particularly if you're not the type to treat these kinds of things as the end-all in character evaluations. There are some very interesting quotes and notes in that piece, and a lot of players Bills fans are interested in are covered.