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Rumblings Recap: Buffalo Bills News, 4/10-4/16

Trent Dilfer Believes Bills Should Take Cam Newton - Buffalo Rumblings
Former Baltimore Ravens QB Trent Dilfer doesn't believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is a championship-caliber quarterback. In fact, he laughed out loud at the notion.

2011 NFL Draft Big Board: Buffalo Bills, Take One - Buffalo Rumblings
One man's stab at a 2011 NFL Draft big board, including his three top candidates for the Bills at No. 3 overall.

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Grade Our Picks For Buffalo - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings is looking for feedback on its SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft picks of CB Patrick Peterson and QB Jake Locker. Thus far, we've got a 2.55 GPA.

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Why We Chose Jake Locker - Buffalo Rumblings
Here's why Buffalo Rumblings took QB Jake Locker for the Bills in the 2011 SB Nation NFL Writers' Mock Draft.

Re-Visiting February's Buffalo Bills Needs List - Buffalo Rumblings
Peering at the 2011 NFL Draft class through the lens of a re-visitation of the Buffalo Bills positional needs list established in February.

Reader Emails: On Demetrius Bell, Marcus Easley And Spencer Johnson - Buffalo Rumblings
Reader emails answered. This week's subjects: Demetrius Bell, Marcus Easley and Spencer Johnson.

Baker's Dozen Scouting Series - Buffalo Rumblings
Here's where you can keep track of all of the work we're doing in our Baker's Dozen scouting series.

Bills Draft Busts, No. 5: QB Todd Collins - Buffalo Rumblings
QB Todd Collins (Round 2, 1995) ranks as the Bills' second-biggest NFL Draft bust since 1985.

Bills Draft Busts, No. 4: DE Aaron Maybin - Buffalo Rumblings
DE Aaron Maybin (Round 1, 2009) ranks as the Bills' fourth-biggest NFL Draft bust since 1985.

Bills Draft Busts, No. 3: DE Erik Flowers - Buffalo Rumblings
DE Erik Flowers (Round 1, 2000, Arizona State) ranks as the third-biggest NFL Draft bust for the Bills since 1985.

Bills Draft Busts, No. 2: QB J.P. Losman - Buffalo Rumblings
QB J.P. Losman ranks as the Bills' second biggest NFL Draft bust since 1985.

Bills Draft Busts, No. 1: OT Mike Williams - Buffalo Rumblings
OT Mike Williams ranks as the biggest draft bust in Buffalo Bills history, and also as the beginning of Tom Donahoe's downfall.

Poll: Predicting Which Position Bills Will Draft - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings is polling its readers about which position they believe the Bills will address with their first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Peter King: Von Miller The "Odds On Favorite" For Buffalo - Buffalo Rumblings
SI's Peter King is calling Texas A&M OLB Von Miller the "odds-on favorite" to be the Bills' selection with the No. 3 pick.

2011 NFL Draft: Ricky Stanzi A Greg Gabriel Favorite - Buffalo Rumblings
Greg Gabriel (National Football Post) isn't big on Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton, but he does like him some Ricky Stanzi.

Buffalo Bills 2011 Pre-Season Schedule Unveiled - Buffalo Rumblings
Here's the Buffalo Bills' 2011 pre-season schedule, if you're interested. (We know. You're not.)

2011 NFL Draft: Jeff Tarpinian Third ILB To Visit Bills - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills hosted Iowa ILB Jeff Tarpinian yesterday.

Nolan Nawrocki's Character Breakdowns Expand Beyond Cam Newton - Buffalo Rumblings
PFW's Nolan Nawrocki expands his character profiles beyond the realm of trashing Cam Newton.

2011 NFL Draft: Von Miller Doesn't Make Cents For Bills - Buffalo Rumblings
Could the three large contracts the Buffalo Bills already have on the books at OLB prohibit them from adding Von Miller at third overall?

2011 NFL Draft: Bills Host Villanova OL Ben Ijalana - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills hosted Villanova OL Benajmin Ijalana on Wednesday.