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Sabres Headline Big Day In Buffalo Sports

I'm well aware that not everyone here is native to Buffalo, and I'm also aware that not everyone here is a fan of not only the Buffalo Sabres, but of hockey in general. Forgive this little Saturday afternoon indulgence. I am a fan of the Sabres, and I know that a large number of people here are, as well.

This afternoon, at 5PM, the Sabres are taking on the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal, after squeaking out a 1-0 win on the road to take an early series lead on Thursday night. If you're looking for a spot to talk about the game, I strongly suggest you do so at Die By The Blade, SB Nation's Sabres blog. Zachary, Andy and the gang - a gang that includes Rumblers such as krytime and BBFan4Ever, by the way - are doing a great job with their playoff coverage, and I wanted to give them a little plug on a very slow NFL weekend (but a huge weekend locally).