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2011 NFL Draft: Expect A Run On Quarterbacks

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Among the number of second-tier quarterback prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft that are gaining momentum as we draw closer to the event, Nevada senior Colin Kaepernick is probably the second-hottest name behind Arkansas junior Ryan Mallett at the moment. reported yesterday that Kaepernick is the latest player that has accepted an invitation to attend the draft in New York City.

Here's the more interesting part of the PFT report: a league source told Evan Silva that there's a head coach in the AFC West that has Kaepernick rated as the best quarterback coming out this year.

The interesting part about this year's quarterback class is that it's positively brimming with intriguing prospects. I've seen seven players, Kaepernick included, get serious heat as a potential first-round pick - yet none of these players are polished, and none are ready to step onto an NFL field and lead a team.

When you have depth yet no clarity at a position, sorting through the mess becomes an exercise in trying to figure out a team's tastes. The other, bigger factor to consider is the inevitable run; given the number of teams that need a quarterback, once that third guy goes, the other four could quickly follow. We saw that happen in the SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, when eight quarterbacks were off the board by pick No. 45. Don't count on them lasting that long on April 28-29.