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Baker's Dozen Character Scouting Report: Robert Quinn

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This post is part of a continuing series in which we break down 13 2011 NFL Draft prospects - our Baker's Dozen - that should interest the Buffalo Bills. Keep up to date on our Baker's Dozen series here.

When it comes to Robert Quinn, once upon a time there was a lot of concern about him off the field. Most of you are already aware that Quinn was ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA and missed the entirety of the 2010 season for receiving over $5,000 in extra benefits from agents. Most people who have done their homework on Quinn, however, chalk that up to a good kid making a dumb mistake.

"I made a selfish mistake that me and my team, my family and coaches paid a price for," Quinn said in March. "God gave me a talent, and in a second, he can take it away from me. I truly apologized for it."

While concerns still exist regarding how quickly Quinn can transition to the NFL after a year away from the sport, there is little to no concern about the person. Add in the fact that he won the ACC's Brian Piccolo Award for courage in 2008 (as a true freshman) for playing with a benign brain tumor, and the concern lessens even more. Robert Quinn has question marks; none of them are about his personal character.