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2011 NFL Draft: Trade Speculation Starting To Swirl

We're now just 10 days away from the start of the 2011 NFL Draft, and as such, trade speculation is starting to ramp up. Peter King (Sports Illustrated) brought forth one detail this morning that could affect the Buffalo Bills - but probably won't.

"Houston loves Patrick Peterson," wrote King in Monday Morning Quarterback. "Capital L. I smell a trade-up."

Most frequently, Peterson is projected off the board to Arizona (No. 5) or San Francisco (No. 7) these days. If Houston really does covet Peterson enough to move up for him, they'd at least need to get above the 49ers, and possibly Arizona, as well. That puts Buffalo (as well as Cincinnati) in play, as well.

Given that current players can't be moved via trade at the moment, however, it seems unlikely that Houston would have the ammo to move up to Buffalo's No. 3 pick. Unless Buffalo would be willing to sacrifice roughly the value of their current third-round selection in the deal - or unless the Texans would be willing to part with next year's first-round pick - it would take more than Houston's first, second and third-round picks to make the trade fair.

No. 11 might be a touch too low for Buffalo's tastes, as well, if their trade-down target is an end like Cameron Jordan or J.J. Watt. Still, we know the Bills are open to moving down, so this situation bears watching.