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Bills Players Working Out At "Camp Fitz"

While Buffalo Bills fans are anxiously awaiting the 2011 NFL Draft, a small group of Bills players are out in Arizona working out together. I'm not precisely sure who all is there, but judging by the above photo, at least two quarterbacks (Ryan FitzpatrickLevi Brown), one running back (Fred Jackson) and five wide receivers (Stevie Johnson, David Nelson, Donald JonesNaaman Roosevelt and Marcus Easley) are attending what the group is calling "Camp Fitz."

They may be locked out, but they're still working on building something. As fans, we can't ask for anything more than that. Just a couple of opinions I'd like to share: if you're not sold on Fitzpatrick being, at minimum, a leader for this team, please allow this to melt your icy exterior. (Also, he appears to be wearing an Autobot t-shirt. That is also really awesome.)

Before I turn the comment section over to you, I'll leave you with one final, non-Fitzpatrick thought: Marcus Easley appears to be a gigantic and physically fit human being.