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NFL Mock Draft Update: Von Miller Still The Bills' Pick

The penultimate 2011 NFL Mock Draft from is out this morning, which I put together over the weekend with Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft. Even before you read the headline of this post, you probably could have guessed that we projected Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller to the Buffalo Bills with the third overall pick.

However, we decided to throw in a few possible trade scenarios into this mock, so the opportunity existed for the Bills to make another pick by the end of Round 1.

I tried to make it happen. Heck, I even tried to write in a trade that would allow the Bills to move down from No. 3, but that's looking quite unlikely to me. As we discussed earlier this morning, the possibility exists that the Bills may trade up to pick up a quarterback prospect, as well - but we couldn't make that happen, either.

That leads me to a question that I'd like y'all to address in the comments section: if the Bills don't take a QB at No. 3, is there anyone out there that would be sad if the Bills didn't take one at all after that?