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2011 NFL Draft: Discussing Potential Bills Round 2 Targets

Within the past week or so, the question I've been asked most often is which 2011 NFL Draft prospects I believe would be good fits for the Buffalo Bills at the top of the second round. I've abstained from answering that question thus far - it's kind of difficult to answer it before Friday morning, after all - but it's an interesting discussion topic nonetheless.

I freely confess that my dream scenario would be for Mississippi State offensive tackle Derek Sherrod to be available when the Bills pick at No. 34. He's an athletic, experienced, durable and versatile tackle/guard that could start on the right side immediately, and may even be able to play the left side down the line. He's one of my favorite prospects this year. I'm not counting on him being available, however.

Ben Ijalana of Villanova is another tackle/guard type I'm intrigued by. On the defensive line, I like Iowa's Christian Ballard and a guy very few people are talking about, Clemson's Jarvis Jenkins. At outside linebacker, Pitt's Jabaal Sheard will be an option. I'm not big on the idea of a quarterback in Round 2, but there's a lot to like about Florida State's Christian Ponder and TCU's Andy Dalton. If you're talking BPA, give me Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph or Miami CB Brandon Harris.

Who do y'all like in the second round?