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Madden 12 Video Reveals Buffalo Bills New Uniforms

Several sharp-eyed readers have flooded my email Inbox with a link to this YouTube video (since removed), uploaded by EA Sports, with early footage from Madden 12. I'm no expert, but it certainly looks like we get a glimpse of the Buffalo Bills new uniforms in that short video.

At the 13- second mark of the video, you can see Stevie Johnson running a crossing route in a royal blue Bills jersey with white pants and a white helmet featuring the team's charging buffalo logo. At the 21-second mark, you appear to get a shot of the road jerseys on Donte Whitner, featuring white tops and blue pants. (Check the letter "P" in the word "GAMEPLAY;" it's rather small.)

Screenshot attached to this post. What does everyone think - is this legitimate? Or did they just throw in a white-helmeted placeholder on the existing throwback uniforms until the real unveil takes place? Even if you think it's legit, do you plan on reserving judgment on the new look until you see them in a non-pixellated form?

Update: ESPN's Tim Graham has confirmed that the uniforms depicted here are, in fact, the new design. Clearer screen grabs after the jump.