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NFL Draft 2011: Buddy Nix Fields Questions One More Time

Last Tuesday's Buffalo Bills Draft Luncheon was touted as the last time that Bills GM Buddy Nix would field questions prior to the 2011 NFL Draft. Since then, he has appeared on Pro Football Talk Live and, earlier today, fielded questions via Skype for TSN. If you ever wondered what it'd look like chatting up Buddy Nix on Skype... well, now you know.

Less than three days removed from the draft, Nix obviously didn't say much newsworthy. He did, however, say that the team will be adding a quarterback, whether it's a rookie or a vet, as the team needs a backup at minimum. He also ended the chat with these wise words to Bills fans: "Any time you pick a player at a certain selection, you're going to make about half the people happy and about half of them mad. Just stay with us. We're trying to make sure that every pick gets the Bills better."

The draft cannot get here soon enough.

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