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Report: Leodis McKelvin Reported For Work Tuesday

Now that the NFL lockout has been temporarily lifted by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson, NFL players can technically report to team headquarters for work today. That's exactly what Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin did, per a report from Mark Gaughan at The Buffalo News.

Last night, league owners agreed to a policy in which players would be allowed into team headquarters, but prohibited from working out. According to Gaughan, when McKelvin showed up at One Bills Drive this morning, Bills CEO Russ Brandon was there to greet him and inform him of said policy. Gaughan reports that the exchange was cordial.

This is just the latest in a very strange and unprecedented series of events that have occurred this off-season amidst all this labor strife. Unless McKelvin has already left team headquarters, the only thing he may be able to accomplish in his first day back at work is to aimlessly roam the hallways. Maybe he's there to sneak a peek at the Bills' draft board?