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Mel Kiper's 2011 Mock Draft (Final): Marcell Dareus To Buffalo

ESPN's Mel Kiper has released his final 2011 NFL Mock Draft of the season. In it, he projects Alabama defensive lineman Marcell Dareus to the Buffalo Bills with the No. 3 overall pick. Cam Newton and Von Miller are off the board before the Bills' pick in his projection.

Speaking specifically of the Top 3, Kiper's mock draft exactly mimics the mock of Mike Mayock (NFL Network), who also projected Dareus to Buffalo in his final mock draft of the year, which we discussed last night.

There is a growing sentiment amongst the prominent experts you'll be watching on ESPN and NFLN all weekend that the Denver Broncos will be taking Miller with the second overall pick. This has been whispered for weeks, but it's a little surprising that so many are going on record with the prediction after so many weeks of seeing Dareus off the board at No. 2.

Here's my question for everyone: after months of build-up, would you be crestfallen at all taking a defensive end in the Top 5?