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Bills Draft Rumors: Blaine Gabbert Still In The Mix

For a while now, the three names in the 2011 NFL Draft most commonly linked to the Buffalo Bills and their third overall pick have been Cam Newton, Marcell Dareus and Von Miller. Mark Gaughan of The Buffalo News cited sources yesterday saying that there's one more name that should be kept in today's conversations.

Gaughan writes that Newton and Dareus are believed to be the top two names on Buffalo's board, and that if either is available tonight, he'll be the pick. Gaughan also writes, however, that if the choice were to come down to Miller or Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, things wouldn't be so clear-cut.

"Close call," reports Gaughan. "Our sources say Gabbert is very much in the mix. The fact Florida State QB Christian Ponder might not last to No. 34 plays into the decision as well."

That last part is key. It seems obvious at this point that the Bills would like to add a long-term developmental quarterback this weekend - ideally one with significant talent. If Nix thinks there's going to be a run on quarterbacks (as most people believe), they may stray from their list a bit. Just something to keep in mind.