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Buffalo Rumblings' 2011 NFL Draft Primer

The 2011 NFL Draft begins at 8:00 this evening. Naturally, you'll be dialed into Buffalo Rumblings all evening (and all weekend, for that matter). After the jump, we've got a few notes about what you can expect this weekend, a few requests, and a few ground rules. We'd really appreciate you taking a few moments to read this so that we can keep Rumblings as organized, cohesive and cathartic as possible for you throughout the draft.

How you can expect to discuss the draft

  • At all times tonight, and throughout the rest of the draft (when a team is on the clock), there will be an active open thread to discuss the picks being made live.
  • There will be a post up every time the Bills make a pick or, dare we dream, make a trade.
  • During down periods (such as after the first round, and after the third round), we'll stuff as much of our usual coverage in as we can.

A few ground rules

  • In order to make life easier on our very small editorial staff - which will be very busy doing other things - please lean heavily toward the side of "comment" when walking the line between "comment" and "FanPost." We're anticipating a lot of chatter, and encourage it. The fewer places we have to keep track of said chatter, the more coverage you get. That doesn't mean we're discouraging FanPosts; just that we request that you hold off for a day or two, or throw your thoughts into a comment, unless you absolutely are bursting at the seams and can't do it any other way.
  • Do your best to adhere to our Community Guidelines - be particularly careful of swearing, trolling and acting disrespectfully. We have too much to do this weekend to be overtly patient with everyone, and we don't want to spend all of our time babysitting. We want you to have fun here. Please strive for that, even if you're venting. A good rule of thumb: commiserate, don't pontificate.
  • If you have a problem with another user's comments - and we're not talking minor disagreement here, we're talking full-fledged, everyone's-pissed-at-this-guy emergency - please make use of our flag feature (click "Actions," then "Flag"). This will make it much easier for us to keep track of the comments threads, and is the best way to expedite action on this type of behavior.
  • Enjoy yourselves. Even if the Bills are the Bills.

What else we'll be doing

  • I will be doing a lot of work for over the next few days. If you run into an issue and attempt to contact me about it, do not expect immediacy - or perhaps even timeliness - in my response. I'll get to it. It just may take a while. (I'll be here, too.)
  • Matt has somehow worked it out so that his daughter will stop being an infant for three days, apparently, as he has assured me that he'll be around for the entire first round tonight, at minimum. Matt will also be on ESPN Radio tonight, for anyone who cares to listen.
  • The rest of the editorial staff will be around to chip in, as well, because let's face it - they can't not.

Where else you can follow along

That's about it. If you have questions, ask them now. Here's to a great Round 1, and a greater draft weekend!