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Vic Carucci: Hard To See Bills Avoiding Ryan Mallett

Rumors are starting to swirl around Day Two of the 2011 NFL Draft, and naturally, the three remaining quarterbacks available - TCU's Andy Dalton, Arkansas' Ryan Mallett and Nevada's Colin Kaepernick - are the hot commodities.'s Vic Carucci tweeted earlier this morning that Mallett, in particular, has gotten a lot of buzz thus far today, indicating that a team may be on the move up to No. 33 overall (where the New England Patriots currently sit) to get Bobby Petrino's latest pro-style quarterback.

As the kicker, Carucci writes the following: "Hard to see the Bills avoiding him at 34."

I'm not certain whether or not Carucci is tying the Bills into his buzz, or whether he's simply stating his opinion. Either way, you can expect the Bills to be tied to all three quarterbacks all day long, which really helps out Bill Belichick and company today. What say you, folks? Would you be down with Mallett in Round 2?