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NFL Draft Grades 2011: SI Thinks Highly Of Bills Picks

After two days in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have added three defenders, and have six more picks to make on the draft's third and final day. Though the Bills have only used a third of their picks to this point, draft grades are already starting to roll in - and the Bills are getting positive reviews.

Take, for example, these grades from Sports Illustrated. They only cover the first two rounds, but Marcell Dareus and Aaron Williams both rate highly for the Bills.

Among first-round picks, Dareus' pick by Buffalo grades out as SI's highest. Though they question Dareus' statistical production, they also applaud - as most Bills fans do - the talent, need and scheme fit. Meanwhile, the second-round pick of Williams gets SI's third-highest grade for the round, trailing only Tennessee's pick of Akeem Ayers and Tampa's pick of Da'Quan Bowers. SI sees a lot of upside and solid value in the Williams pick.

The third-round pick of Kelvin Sheppard was not graded, but it's been applauded elsewhere, chiefly by ESPN's Todd McShay. It's not often that the Bills are listed amongst the draft's early winners. Cherish this moment.