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2011 NFL Draft Results: Bills Select DT Michael Jasper

With the No. 245 overall pick (seventh round) in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have selected Bethel (TN) defensive tackle and guard Michael Jasper. HE IS AN EXTREMELY LARGE MAN.

The only things I know about Michael Jasper are that he is 6'4" and weighs a ridiculous 395 pounds. lists his 40-yard dash time as 5.58 seconds, which is rather remarkable for a man that size. I know absolutely nothing about his playing abilities, other than the fact that he was a 400-plus pound lineman (offensive and defensive) in college, so I won't provide further comment here.

The Bills have ample depth at guard and three nose tackles. I get the feeling that Jasper is a camp body - he'll be a highly intriguing and potentially fun to watch camp body, to be sure - but that's about it.

Thus concludes the Bills' participation in the 2011 NFL Draft. Quick recap coming as soon as the last pick is in.