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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Von Miller Makes Sense For Buffalo

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Every week since the 2010 NFL regular season ended, I've penned a 2011 NFL Mock Draft for Putting my math skills to the test, I believe that means I've now written 14 full first-round mock drafts (one of them had a second round, too) over the last three months. When you write them that often, you tend to meander players around the board, exploring different scenarios and gauging reactions to ideas and players.

The time for messing around is up. We've officially reached April, and I decided - knowing I'd be doing at least three, but perhaps four more of these - to start getting a little more serious in making the weekly mock draft a more predictive device. (All of my predictions will be wrong, anyway; might as well get 'em out there for future destruction.)

In the latest mock draft, I've got the Buffalo Bills taking Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller with the third overall pick. I made the pick with the likes of Blaine Gabbert and Patrick Peterson on the board. It's a pick you've seen before, and after months of deliberation, I firmly believe that Miller is one of the most sensible decisions the team could make come April 28. If you're in the mood for bigger surprises, be sure to check out the full first round.