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Report: Bills Are High On Blaine Gabbert, Marcell Dareus

Last night, I appeared on an Internet-only broadcast of "Buffalo Bills Now!" - hosted by Sal Capaccio - to discuss some of the sourced information he's gathered about the Bills and their possible 2011 NFL Draft intentions. For those of you that couldn't make it last evening, I've embedded the full show after the jump; Sal covers what he's heard to start, and then I joined to discuss some of those tidbits. The show runs about 90 minutes, with the juicy stuff coming in the first 45 minutes or so.

Before you jump it and click play, here's a quick rundown of what Sal brought to the table - again, as information that he's gathered from reliable sources. Take it for what it's worth, as this is prime smokescreen season.

  • The Bills are "more than willing" to trade down from No. 3
  • There is a difference of opinion within the organization on Cam Newton (shocker!)
  • Blaine Gabbert and Marcell Dareus will be at or near the top of the team's draft board
  • J.J. Watt is a trade-down target the team is high on, and there's some buzz around Luke Stocker, as well