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More Frustration On Aaron Maybin Evaluations Emerges

In a radio appearance on WGR 550 last week, ESPN's Todd McShay called Buffalo Bills pass rusher Aaron Maybin a bust, and expressed frustration over his misevaluation of the former Penn State star prior to the 2009 NFL Draft. Not even a full week later, a second draft analyst has tossed his hat into the 'frustrated-over-Maybin' ring. This time, it's Wes Bunting of the National Football Post.

Writes Bunting: "I saw the great get off burst from Maybin off the line and was instantly blinded to any other faults. However, looking back on tape of Maybin there was no real counter to his game, no real change of direction skills and he was more of a one-trick pony whose sacks simply came easy in the Big Ten. Therefore, in my mind, since he was a good straight-line athlete, they would obviously come easy to him in the NFL as well. Not quite."

As an aside to another Maybin piece: I encourage everyone to give Bunting's full piece a read. There's a lot of important information there, and it highlights something that every fan into the NFL Draft should take to heart: never stop learning.