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Buffalo Rumblings Is Four Years Old Today

Buffalo Rumblings 1.0, circa April 2008. Look how far we've come!
Buffalo Rumblings 1.0, circa April 2008. Look how far we've come!

Four years ago today, on April 7, 2007, an incredibly naive college kid got lucky enough to be asked to join SB Nation as the network's Buffalo Bills blogger. Thus, 1,460 days ago, Buffalo Rumblings was born.

It recently came to my attention that we were blog No. 98 to join the SB Nation network, and No. 26 (of 32, and eventually 33) in the NFL wing. In the blog's infancy, I was thrilled when a post earned a single comment, and we scratched and clawed to have 200 visitors per day.

Today, SB Nation is the world's fastest-growing network of online sports communities by a country mile. The network now has 304 total blogs, as well as a huge national site, 21 regional hubs and tons of plans for more cutting-edge sports coverage. And here we are, 5,126 members strong and counting, and one of the network's leaders in single-team community interaction and daily traffic. I've worked hard to get here, and I wouldn't have done so without similar hard work from the likes of Matt Warren - who's more than good enough to run this ship himself, as he's proven - and the rest of the editorial staff.

But mostly, where we are now compared to when we started is a testament to how awesome Bills fans are. The readers, not the writers, make this place. Discourse drives us, and that starts in our comments sections. So cheers, dear reader. Here's to many more.