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Mel Kiper's Draft Grades: Bills Earn A 'B'

The post-draft grading process is often laughed at by the masses. Fans of teams that get good reviews hope it remains true two or three years down the line, while fans of teams that get poor reviews shrug it off, saying that grades don't matter right away. Both sides are right. What 2011 NFL Draft grades do accomplish, however, is capturing the general sentiment of a team's weekend.

ESPN's Mel Kiper already has his draft grades out, and he's given the Buffalo Bills a solid B grade for their weekend efforts. He hands out a 'needs grade' and a 'value grade,' then combines them for the final grade. Kiper gave the Bills a C+ for filling needs, and a B+ for value.

"Buffalo drafted some really good football players and clearly put the emphasis on defense," Kiper wrote. "(Marcell) Dareus is the ideal penetrating pass-rusher to convert into a 3-4 defensive end and allows the Bills to really stick with that scheme. The Bills also got a good value with (Aaron) Williams early in Round 2. (Kelvin) Sheppard is a guy that while not very explosive, is instinctive and should be starting early in his career."

Kiper does, however, ding the Bills for not properly addressing their offensive line, and also talks about how happy Ryan Fitzpatrick must be this morning.