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Poll: Which Player Should Bills Start At Center?

Yesterday, as we were discussing a possible impending three-way battle for the Buffalo Bills' starting right guard job, we did so working under the assumption that the Bills were going to move Eric Wood to center on a permanent basis. In the ensuing discussion, however, we got some resistance to the idea that Wood should be handed the job.

Wood, a first-round pick in 2009, was a four-year starter at center for Louisville, but began his career at right guard after the team signed Geoff Hangartner the previous month as an unrestricted free agent. When both have been healthy over the last two years, Hangartner has been the team's center of preference, with Wood to his right - regardless of who the team's coach was.

But Wood moved over to the pivot to close the 2010 season when Hangartner went down, and put in some truly excellent performances - the best center play the Bills have seen in years, in fact. Maybe we should be touting Hangartner versus Wood at center as the Bills' positional battle on the line this year; hence this poll. Fire away, folks.