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Buddy Nix Explains Bills' Front Office Restructure

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills hired Tom Gibbons and Chuck Cook as Directors of Pro Personnel and College Scouting, respectively. It was the first time GM Buddy Nix had been to the microphone since firing Tom Modrak - beginning his reorganization of the scouting department - and he took some time to explain the changes.

"First of all, we think what we did - it was an opportunity to make a change and to do some different things," began Nix. "We wanted to make sure everybody is on the same page. So we have one guy over both departments. Both of these directors will be responsible for their department, but we want to make sure everybody hitches to the same wagon and pulling in same direction. And by putting one guy [Assistant GM Doug Whaley] over both of them, you have that."

Nix also spoke to why it took him more than a year to make these changes to the front office, specifically parting ways with Modrak, the team's long-time scouting director.

"I had to be here a year and note that things we were doing weren’t working," said Nix of the time span. "I think the drafts were a lot better than the publicity we got on them. Three years ago, if you look at that draft you have three or four starters out of draft. So it’s better than you think it is, or it’s better than it’s made out to be. The next two drafts will take two or three years to find out just how good they are."

When asked more directly about Modrak, Nix insisted that the former Bills scout did a great job.

"Tom’s a great guy," Nix said. "He did a lot better job than he got credit for. He made this statement one time, ‘I’m an easy target and I’m the only one left standing.’ That could possibly be true, but he did a good job. From the time I was here, he did a great job."

At this time, the Bills are done with the reorganization process. Said Nix, "At this point... we don’t foresee any other changes." The scouts will report to the two new directors, who will report to Whaley. Whaley will report to Nix, who in turn reports to COO Russ Brandon, owner Ralph Wilson's eyes and ears at One Bills Drive.