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Bills Owner Ralph Wilson Comments On NFL Lockout

It's not often that the New York Daily News covers Buffalo Bills football - before today, their most recent headline was "Bills name Nix as new GM" - but give Gary Myers credit for his latest piece on Bills owner Ralph Wilson.

Myers profiles Wilson from the angle of the Bills' founder being one of just two owners - Cincinnati's Mike Brown was the other - that voted against the CBA that has left the NFL in its current labor catastrophe. This is something that Bills fans discuss fairly frequently, but was rarely - if ever - part of NFL rhetoric outside of Western New York.

In the article, Wilson discusses NFL finances in a small market, his reasons for getting into the NFL in the first place (hint: it wasn't about money), and cracks wise about his age.

"I hope the sides come to an agreement," Wilson said to conclude the piece. "I hope they can. I miss football like millions of other people."