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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 5/17

Commissioner addresses Bills fans' concerns -
"Answering questions from Buffalo fans for 45 minutes, Goodell addressed the concerns of a handful of Bills callers wondering if their club will be able to compete in the NFL with the larger market clubs."

Inside The Bills | Dareus hot about going 3rd
"If I ever get a chance to play Carolina I’m going to make them pay for passing up on me," said Dareus. "Denver I’ll get a chance to play them in the regular season (this year) and I’m going to make it hell for them every time I play against them."

What's your motivation? A look inside Bills - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Tim Graham uses the motivational phrases painted on the Bills meeting room to come to his conclusion about what the team stands for. "The general themes that stand out are 'Take care of your responsibilities' and 'Don't be selfish.'"

Commish Talks With Bills Fans
Bills Fan Forum with Roger Goodell -
The complete 43-minute conference call if you'd like to listen in.

Inside The Bills | Goodell: No new stadium plans
"I’m not aware of a specific new stadium proposal," said Goodell. "I know that they continue to seek ways to improve the stadium experience and the stadium itself. And that’s critical in making sure that the Bills remain competitive.

Goodell calls out to Bills fans - Allen Wilson - The Buffalo News
"We certainly hope the Buffalo Bills continue to be in Western New York," said Goodell, who added the continued fan support is a must. "As a Western New York guy, I know how important it is to that region and how passionate our fans are there.

Goodell's Q&A tour reaches Bills fans - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The conference call started off poorly. Technical difficulties prevented the second question from being asked until about 15 minutes into the session. Reporters were allowed to listen in but not participate in the call. Goodell deserves marks for remaining on the line to talk for 46 minutes, but I hung up from the call feeling like I hadn't learned a thing."

Goodell Stresses To Bills Fans Negotiation Is Key - WGR 550 SportsRadio
"I think we need to remove that uncertainty," said Goodell. "I think there's still time to do that and still have great competitive football that you all expect. Time is running short. It's time to get back to the [negotiating] table and get those issues resolved."

Goodell chats with Bills fans - The Buffalo News
"The Bills' long-term viability in Western New York is a hot-button topic that was raised on Monday's call. One season ticket holder from Toronto asked if Goodell could ensure the Bills would remain here. Naturally, Goodell didn't guarantee anything because he can't. But he emphasized the organization is doing everything it can to stay here, including playing games in Toronto."

On the line with the Commish |
"I know our ownership has always stepped up to that, and we will continue to do that, to make sure that everyone has the financial ability, and that we can make sure the Buffalo Bills as well as every other small market team, can come into the season with the ability to be competitive."

More Bills Links
97 Rock Talk to Bills Assistant GM Doug Whaley

VHS alums pull out win over NFL stars |
Drayton Florence was one of the names at a charity basketball game at his old high school. His three-pointer for the win at the buzzer rimmed out.

Fans vote Bledsoe into Pats Hall of Fame - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Former Buffalo Bills QB Drew Bledsoe was voted by an overwhelming margin into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Kraft, Wilson feel for fans in labor squabble - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Two AFC East owners were heard from over the weekend and both want football.... for the fans.

Whitworth gives back to home area | The News Star |
Kyle Williams was among those participating in a golf tourney in Louisiana on Monday.

This Day in Buffalo Sports History -- Go-go-gone - The Buffalo News
"On this date, the Giants signed Gogolak to a contract. It was the first shot in an escalation of the war between the two football leagues. (According to legend, one NFL owner told Giants' owner Wellington Mara, "If I had known you wanted a kicker that badly, I would have given you one.)"

Twitter / Shawne Merriman

Watching #DWTS good show but I can honestly say I'll NEVER do it

Twitter / Stevie Johnson
Oh No Bill Made Top 100? Even a Certain Bill That Made ProBowl? (Not shocked at all... We have to Win.) #NuffSaid

Twitter / Fred Jackson
@thurmanthomas I need a signed 34 jersey to add to my collection Bruh Bruh.

Twitter / Andy Levitre
Finally getting over this sickness. Time to start hitting the weights hard again. Have to be prepared even though the season is uncertain.