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Bills Planning More Team Workouts Next Week

Last month, a handful of Buffalo Bills players got together in Arizona for workouts that the group would eventually call "Camp Fitz." Led by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the group - which included running back Fred Jackson and several of the team's young receivers - worked out together for a week.

One of those receivers, David Nelson, revealed Monday on Twitter that a bigger, more comprehensive team workout may be in the works.

"Had a great time in Florida with my boys," Nelson wrote. "Flying back to Dallas to get back to work. Buffalo on Sunday!"

When prodded further by Bills fans asking if more workouts were planned, Nelson wrote the following: "... this time, it's the whole team."

The NFL lockout is still on in full force, meaning that any team workouts that players organize won't be fully attended, and obviously won't be orchestrated by members of Chan Gailey's coaching staff.