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Help Us Review The 2010 Buffalo Bills

I've grown tired of waiting for the NFL lockout to end and football to resume. Instead of doing what I'd like to do about the league's labor dispute (whine), I plan on re-watching the bulk of the 2010 season to see if I can't learn a few more things about the Buffalo Bills before the 2011 season officially begins.

Therefore, I'm looking for direction on where you'd like to know more about the Bills. I'm starting with their Week 7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, where for a myriad of factors the Bills were borderline masterful offensively. I seem to recall a unique game plan in that post-bye matchup, and would like to explore that idea further.

The next game I'm looking at, no matter what, is one of the team's four wins - so cast your vote in the poll below regarding which win you'd like me to break down further, and then let us know in the comments section what specifics you'd like me to keep an eye out for in re-watching that game. Let's talk football.