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Terrence McGee Anxious To Get Back To Football

On Wednesday, Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrence McGee made an appearance on WGR 550 in Buffalo - and though he was there for promotional purposes, the conversation did make its way to football. McGee made it very clear that he's ready to get back on the gridiron.

""It's starting to get frustrating, but it gave me some extra time to heal from all my injuries and things I've had, and spend some extra time with my family," McGee said in response to a question about the NFL lockout. "But now, you feel like 'man, I want to get back to work,' and get back to doing what you do, so hopefully something will be resolved soon."

McGee also seemed unfazed by the Bills' selection of Texas cornerback Aaron Williams in the 2011 NFL Draft, though that's unsurprising, as the Bills have drafted many corners in McGee's time with Buffalo. Injuries derailed him a bit in 2011, and it'll be interesting to see what role he's given once the 2011 season begins.