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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Buffalo Bills Get A 'B'

The folks at afforded me the opportunity to review the 2011 NFL Draft this year, and in my post-draft grades for the AFC, I gave the Buffalo Bills a B. (For the record, I also cast a B vote in an immediate-reaction poll posted here over the weekend.) I used a "C is average" baseline, meaning that I believe Buffalo's draft class is well above average, but decidedly less than spectacular. It was a meat-and-potatoes draft, and I think the general feeling is that we can all live with that.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by Buffalo Rumblings for the weekend. While I was busy banging out 18,410 words' worth of articles here and at the SB Nation mothership, we set a three-day traffic record, as the blog was accessed over a quarter of a million times during the draft. More specifically, I'd like to thank everyone for keeping conversation civil and respectful, and making my life infinitely easier. (I'd like to thank the Bills for that, as well; I knew it'd be a good weekend after a 96% approval rating on our top overall pick.) It was a fun, if tiring weekend.

Onward and upward. Tomorrow, we begin re-analyzing the roster and waiting for the NFL lockout to end (again). Hope springs eternal.