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NFL Off-Season Player Workouts Are Getting Weird

Due to the NFL lockout and the dearth of football-related news it's caused, off-season player workouts are getting an unprecedented amount of media coverage. Perhaps that's simply unearthed the inherent weirdness of player workouts, and the strange events of the past week were commonplace, yet not public knowledge prior to this year. Or, it's possible that NFL players are getting desperate in organizing workouts. Either way, odd stories popped up this week.

It goes beyond players from the same team getting together en masse to do drills without coaches. The Buffalo Bills will be doing that this week, as 25 (or more) members of the team will be working out together in West Seneca. They'll be joined by several college free agents - and were recently joined by quarterback J.P. Losman. Yes - conceivably, Lee Evans has been catching passes from Losman once again.

Now comes a report that members of the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, as well as Bills receiver Donald Jones, will be working out together next week. (You'll not the conspicuous absence of the word "Patriots" in that report.) The workout is being called the "AFC East Blitz," held in Florida, and makes me wonder what would've happened if Kent Hull worked out with Bryan Cox.