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Rumblings Recap: Buffalo Bills News, May 14-22

Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 7 At Baltimore (Offense) - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings takes a look back at the Bills' offensive performance in a 34-31 overtime loss to Baltimore in Week 7 of the 2010 season.

Darryl Talley Named To College Football Hall Of Fame - Buffalo Rumblings
Former Buffalo Bills OLB Darryl Talley has been named to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Pete Gogolak Discusses His Role In The AFL-NFL Merger - Buffalo Rumblings
Pete Gogolak talks with Buffalo Rumblings about his role in the merger between the AFL and NFL, his courtship by Bills personnel man Harvery Johnson, and the AFL Championship teams.

Bills News
Bills Owner Ralph Wilson Comments On NFL Lockout - Buffalo Rumblings
Gary Myers of the New York Daily News spoke to Bills owner Ralph Wilson about the NFL lockout.

Chuck Cook Has Strong Ties To Buddy Nix - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills have a lot of close connections in their front office and coaching staff.

Bills Planning More Team Workouts Next Week - Buffalo Rumblings
It appears as if the Buffalo Bills will be participating in more unorganized team workouts next week.

Browns Axe Executive Jerry Butler, Former Bills WR - Buffalo Rumblings
The Cleveland Browns fired former Buffalo Bills WR Jerry Butler on Tuesday.

Terrence McGee Anxious To Get Back To Football - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrence McGee is getting frustrated about the continuing NFL lockout.

Stevie Johnson: Marcus Easley "Looking Real Good" - Buffalo Rumblings
Stevie Johnson thinks Marcus Easley is looking great in Bills team workouts.

Cornelius Bennett Speaks Out Against NFL Lockout - Buffalo Rumblings
Former Buffalo Bills linebacker Cornelius Bennett shares his thoughts on the NFL lockout.

NFL Off-Season Player Workouts Are Getting Weird - Buffalo Rumblings
NFL players locked out of team facilities seem to be getting desperate for workout buddies.

Bills Opinion/Analysis
Bills Backup QB Option: Titans' Vince Young - Buffalo Rumblings
For a multitude of reasons, Vince Young doesn't make much sense as a backup quarterback option for the Buffalo Bills.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Must Improve Under Pressure - Buffalo Rumblings
Two separate Pro Football Focus studies reveal Ryan Fitzpatrick weaknesses, and also why teams blitz him relentlessly.

Buffalo Bills Need To Rethink The Bills Toronto Series - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills need to rethink the Bills Toronto Series. Either add a game to strengthen the series or get out of the foreign market.

Bills K Rian Lindell Entering Contract Year - Buffalo Rumblings
If Bills K Rian Lindell plans on kicking in Buffalo beyond 2011, he may need to return to his 2006-07 form.

Jairus Byrd Deserves More Credit Than He Gets - Buffalo Rumblings
Jairus Byrd's stock is down with Bills fans, at least in comparison to after his rookie season. It shouldn't be.

On C.J. Spiller And Player Comparisons As Projections - Buffalo Rumblings
Bills fans constantly compare C.J. Spiller to Jamaal Charles, but Darren McFadden may be a more apt comparison.

Bills Safeties Grade Out Well As Tacklers - Buffalo Rumblings
A study by debunks the idea that either of the Bills' starting safeties - Donte Whitner and Jairus Byrd - are poor tacklers.

Projecting Chris Kelsay Into 3-4, 4-3 Looks - Buffalo Rumblings
Among the Buffalo Bills' front seven defenders, it's most difficult to project DE/OLB Chris Kelsay into the team's various alignments.

How Much Is Too Much To Re-Sign Drayton Florence? - Buffalo Rumblings
On the second-tier free agent cornerback market, a four-year, $22 million contract seems to be the going rate. Is that too much for the Bills to re-sign Drayton Florence?

Help Us Review The 2010 Buffalo Bills - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings is beginning a series of film review posts breaking down the 2010 Buffalo Bills.

Is 2011 The Last Chance For Bills OLB Aaron Maybin? - Buffalo Rumblings
Entering his third NFL season, is the end drawing near for Aaron Maybin in Buffalo?

How Much Is Too Much To Re-Sign Paul Posluszny? - Buffalo Rumblings
Would a five- or six-year deal worth roughly $6 million annually be too costly a figure to re-sign Paul Posluszny? You tell us.

Best And Worst Buffalo Bills Moments: We Need Your Input - Buffalo Rumblings
Buffalo Rumblings needs your help. What are the best and worst moments in Buffalo Bills franchise history?

Bills CB Reggie Corner Entering Contract Year - Buffalo Rumblings
With the Buffalo Bills changing things up a bit at the cornerback position, will 2011 be the end of the road for Reggie Corner?

What If The Bills Can't Re-Sign Paul Posluszny? - Buffalo Rumblings
What would the Buffalo Bills' inside linebacker position look like if the team can't re-sign Paul Posluszny?

Three Bills Candidates For Early Contract Extensions - Buffalo Rumblings
Bills DT Kyle Williams got a five-year contract extension with two years remaining on his first NFL contract. Could history repeat itself?

What If The Bills Can't Re-Sign Drayton Florence? - Buffalo Rumblings
Examining what the Buffalo Bills' CB position would look like without Drayton Florence.

Bills Backup QB Option: Chargers' Billy Volek - Buffalo Rumblings
The Buffalo Bills need a backup quarterback, and GM Buddy Nix has familiarity with San Diego free agent Billy Volek.

Bills History
Letter To The Editor: John Rauch, Jr. On Ron McDole Trade - Buffalo Rumblings
John Rauch's son shares his father's side of the story regarding the Ron McDole trade.

May 17, 1966: Pete Gogolak Leaves Bills, Jumps To NFL - Buffalo Rumblings
On this date 45 years ago, the New York Giants started the escalation of the war between the AFL and NFL by signing Buffalo Bills K Pete Gogolak.