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Stevie Johnson Must Work On Catching Consistency

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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was one of the team's better stories of an otherwise moribund 2010 season. In his third year out of Kentucky as a former seventh-round draft pick, Johnson exploded for 82 receptions, 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns despite losing his starting job for a short period of time, and despite having only 12 career catches coming into the season.

However, fans outside of Buffalo boil down Johnson's identity to two things: he was a surprise star in fantasy football, and he dropped a game-winning touchdown against Pittsburgh. That latter point has some merit, as according to a Pro Football Focus study, Johnson has a lot of work to do on his hands.

Per PFF, Johnson had the eighth-highest percentage of drops per catchable throws amongst NFL receivers. PFF identified 95 catchable balls thrown Johnson's way last season, and with Johnson hauling in 82 of them, his 13 drops - that's a drop on 13.7 percent of throws - puts him at the bottom of the league.

Johnson has true star potential, but he's the first to admit that he's got a ways to go. Consistently looking the ball into his hands would be a good place to start.