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Bills Won't Refund Employee Pay Cuts After Lockout Ends

Today is Day 73 of the NFL lockout, and that meter will keep running until at least June 3, when litigation resumes in the form of the league's appeal of Judge Susan Nelson's ruling in favor of the players.

On Sunday, Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe wrote an article discussing the idea that player agents and NFL assistant coaches were two of the lesser-discussed victims of the lockout in terms of ultimate financial compensation. In an addendum to that piece, Bedard named the Buffalo Bills as a team that has required its assistant coaches and personnel department to take pay cuts during the lockout.

Bedard also reports that the Bills will not be refunding money lost to those employees. They're not alone in doing that (division rival Miami also won't be refunding lost wages), but other teams do plan on catching up on salary payments once the new league year begins.

Meanwhile, many Bills players are gathering in Buffalo for workouts this week.