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John Wawrow: Agents Holding Up A New Labor Deal

John Wawrow, local writer for the Associated Press - who covers the Buffalo Bills, among other duties - called in to the Howard Simon Show (WGR 550) Monday morning. While on the line, co-host Jeremy White took the opportunity to ask Wawrow about the lockout.

Wawrow, citing sources, says that the "rookie salary cap" is the biggest obstacle holding up the deal. Immediately following that, he mentioned that player agents were the ones not on board with the rookie cap.

Players, presumably, would be OK with their non-members taking salary cuts so established veterans could make more money. Similarly, the owners would love to not have huge guaranteed money tied up with unsure investments that are top draft choices. The only ones who stand to lose big are agents.

This is an interesting twist in the conversation between players and owners. The fewer big-money contracts available, the less the agents stand to make. Without a steady, yearly stream of new big-money contract, it stands to reason that agents would be upset with a rookie wage scale. But if they actually have a voice in the conversation, it could spell more murkiness for already cloudy waters.