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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 5 Vs. Jacksonville (Second Half)

Yesterday, in continuing our re-watch of the 2010 Buffalo Bills, we took a look at the first half of the team's Week 5 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. At the half, the Bills were tied with the Jags at 13.

We started the process by taking a look at the notes I jotted down as I was tediously reviewing every play, and the bulk of the discussion centered around quarterback accuracy and footwork, and the Bills' inability to adequately defend reverses, play fakes and misdirection plays in general in this contest. That discussion was followed up by a closer look at the struggles of then-rookie defensive tackle Torell Troup in his first extensive action of the season.

Today, we'll begin again with notes, this time from the second half - one that Jacksonville dominated en route to a 36-26 victory in Orchard Park. The notes are after the jump - and coming up in about 90 minutes, we'll attempt to confirm some of our original suspicions put forth immediately following this game. Onward.

Week 5, second half: Jaguars outscore Bills 23-13 to wrap up 36-26 victory - NOTES

  • David Garrard has all day to throw the rock. Buffalo's heavy 4-3 front, when they rush four, generates absolutely no pressure.
  • Paul Posluszny doesn't get enough depth in coverage; Garrard hits Marcedes Lewis for an absurdly easy touchdown.
  • Demetrius Bell and Andy Levitre poorly execute a combo block. Fred Jackson tackled for loss, negating an illegal formation penalty called on Roscoe Parrish.
  • Jackson penalized on a "chop block" - awful call. Very legal block - defender not engaged, Jackson hits him at the hip. Chan Gailey hulking out on the sidelines.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick throws low and short to Lee Evans, picking up nine yards on a third-and-10. Evans had no shot at picking up the last yard because of the throw.
  • Drayton Florence steps inside defending the run, loses contain. Maurice Jones-Drew picks up chunk yardage to the outside.
  • Chris Kelsay and Posluszny perfectly defend a play-action option play run by Garrard and MJD. Kelsay contains Garrard, Posluszny picks up MJD on the pitch. Big stop on third-and-one.
  • Next play: Kelsay shoots a gap, stuffs Garrard on fourth-and-one; Garrard had fumbled the ball by that point, but wouldn't have gained the necessary yardage regardless.
  • Fitzpatrick side-arms a bubble screen about five yards over Stevie Johnson's head. Ugly, ugly throw.
  • Levitre possible hold goes uncalled on a big Jackson run. Fitzpatrick takes out his frustrations for previous throw by lead-blocking for 22, taking out Gerald Alexander on the sideline.
  • Corey McIntyre threw huge blocks all day as a lead blocker. Even on the TV telecast, you can really hear pads popping whenever McIntyre's involved. He was outstanding in this game.
  • Fitzpatrick again side-arms a bubble screen. Ball is technically a lateral (fumble), Parrish has to scoop it off the turf like an infielder. Parrish fields it cleanly, turns it into a positive gain.
  • Fitzpatrick throws behind Johnson on a would-be TD (slant pattern). Johnson still should have made the catch, but poor throw increased chances a caught ball is kept out of the paint.
  • Johnson comes back with a beautiful sideline catch on a nicely-thrown back-shoulder fade for a touchdown. Game tied at 20.
  • Overall, Bills have been much better defending misdirection (play-action, reverses, etc.) in the second half.
  • Torell Troup pulled momentarily. Marcus Stroud slides down to DT, Spencer Johnson playing end. Stroud quickly injured; Troup back into the contest.
  • Kyle Williams draws a holding penalty working against a double-team. Dude's a beast.
  • Posluszny misstep in coverage, Mike Sims-Walker burns him with ease.
  • Posluszny, Reggie Torbor and Leodis McKelvin pre-snap confusion leads to an easy Sims-Walker first down. Quickly settled into a soft spot in the zone.
  • Posluszny matched up on Sims-Walker again in the red zone. Shocker: easy touchdown for the Jags.
  • Aaron Kampman destroys a half-hearted double team attempt from Cordaro Howard (LT) and Kraig Urbik (pulling RG), tackles C.J. Spiller behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Next play: Jonathan Stupar and Spiller assigned to pass protect against Kampman. Surprise! Fitzpatrick sacked. Stupar walked backward into 14's lap.
  • Troup consistently double-teamed. Rushing lanes created with ease right at No. 96. Second blocker will rub off, get a hat on a linebacker every time.
  • Eric Wood misses a block at the second level; Jackson tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Fitzpatrick forces it in to Lee Evans (incomplete) on third-and-seven. A wide-open Parrish is visibly frustrated.
  • Brian Moorman injured on an ill-advised fake punt attempt (tackled from behind). Jacksonville takes over up double digits in Bills territory. Too aggressive, Coach Gailey.
  • David Nelson has terrific, reliable hands. Plucks the ball out of the air.