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Marcell Dareus Talking Himself Into Headlines

Buffalo Bills rookie defensive end Marcell Dareus has yet to do anything other than visit team headquarters for a day. He's still making the news routinely with his words.

First, Dareus ruffled a few feathers in Carolina and Denver when he said he'd make those teams pay for passing on him with the top two picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. Now, per a conversation with Yahoo! Sports, Dareus is promoting his alter ego.

"The NFL needs to know the Hulk is coming," Dareus told Michael Rogers. "The Hulk takes control, he doesn't let anything get past or anything get in the way. That is what I call myself and before I go out to play I get myself into that state of mind. It helps me get ready."

Bills GM Buddy Nix said when Dareus was drafted that the rookie had a swagger about him that the team needs. Early indications are the Bills will, indeed, get that influx of swagger whenever Dareus and the team can finally get back to work.