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Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 7 At Baltimore (Second Half)

In Week 7 of the 2010 NFL regular season, the Buffalo Bills took a 24-20 halftime lead over the hosting Baltimore Ravens. Buffalo's offense was masterful in the first half, but a string of bad plays allowed the Ravens to rattle off 10 straight points to close the gap before the first half ended. Buffalo hung tough in the second half, as you may recall, but the Ravens won in overtime, dropping the Bills to 0-6 on the season.

Week 7, second half and OT: Ravens outscore Bills 17-10 - NOTES

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick stares down Roscoe Parrish, tries to squeeze the ball into him between Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Fitzpatrick makes a nice throw on a poor decision, Lewis tips the pass, and Reed picks it off on the first play of the second half.
  • Next play: Leodis McKelvin bites hard on run action on a flea-flicker, and Donte Whitner can't recover on the back end. Anquan Boldin blows by the secondary for an easy touchdown. Ravens up 27-24.

  • Cordaro Howard gets a nice second-level block on Lewis, springing a nice gainer on the ground.
  • Corey McIntyre and Geoff Hangartner throw blocks that are blown up at the point of attack. Fred Jackson hit hard behind the line of scrimmage.
  • C.J. Spiller doesn't finish a run that could've yielded first down yardage. Parrish gives him a hand signal that clearly says "turn it upfield right there."
  • David Martin and Howard throw terrible blocks, Jackson again stopped behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Eric Wood and Hangartner can't properly block up the A gap, and Paul Kruger penetrates far enough to bat down a second down pass.
  • Fitzpatrick flushed from pocket and forced to scramble twice. On first play, he converts a first down. On the second, he again comes close, gaining 10 yards on third-and-11. Ravens getting better pressure in this half.
  • Chan Gailey wastes a timeout on a challengeable play, then passes up a 51-yard field goal attempt (trailing by three) to try to convert a fourth-and-one. Dials up a play-action boot, Lewis and Terrell Suggs defend it perfectly, and Fitzpatrick can't scramble for the first down.
  • Reggie Corner burned with ease by Boldin on a slant.
  • Lee Evans, expecting contact, doesn't run through a fly route that, if completed, would've been a lengthy touchdown. Reed was late getting over, but Evans reached for the ball rather than running under it. Ball bounces off his hands. Absolutely perfect throw by Fitzpatrick.
  • Fitzpatrick made the correct read on his second INT, as he was targeting an open Steve Johnson, who had first-down yardage. Hangartner missed a delayed blitz in the A gap by Cory Redding, and as Redding hits Fitzpatrick while he throws, the pass sails.
  • Howard struggling mightily with speed off the edge. Suggs and, more frequently, Jarret Johnson giving him a lot of problems.
  • Andy Levitre misses an assignment on a pull, allowing an unblocked Lewis to hit Jackson behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Johnson digs out a nice low throw for first-down yardage. His best catch of the day, and Fitzpatrick spotted it perfectly.
  • Levitre smacks Lewis on a pull, paving the way for a nice (moderate) gain for Spiller.
  • Jackson hung to dry in blitz pickup, as Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe come free to his side. Jackson picks up Ellerbe, though he probably should've picked up Lewis. Fitzpatrick hit, throws incomplete on third-and-four.
  • Kyle Williams reads and defends a screen on a Ravens third-and-forever. Antonio Coleman, who saw a few snaps as a pass rusher in sub packages, cleans up for the drive-ending stop.
  • Howard whiffs on a block, but Fitzpatrick takes the lick and still throws a strike to Parrish.
  • Jackson, working out of the slot, gets a big gainer on the same bubble screen that he'd score on against Pittsburgh in Week 12. Pre-snap, you can see Jackson telling Martin to move forward so as to be lined up on the line of scrimmage. Martin doesn't, and the big gain is nullified by an illegal formation penalty.
  • Arthur Moats, who was the team's pass rushing specialist in nickel and dime packages, gets too focused sometimes on counter moves. Can set tackles up, but then loses momentum when he tries to fold in another move.
  • Howard again can't handle Redding, who has been a problem for every Bills lineman. Jackson tackled for a loss.
  • David Nelson makes a huge catch to convert on fourth down, taking a huge hit from Reed in the back on the play. Color commentator: "Who is David Nelson?"
  • Nelson makes another huge conversion catch. Fitzpatrick had outstanding protection on the play, allowed him to step up into the pocket and throw a dart.
  • Evans drops an easy completion for first-down yardage with under a minute remaining. Clock would've been ticking, sure, but it also kept his team out of field goal range, and that's all they needed for a tie. Super easy grab that he simply dropped when he got hit.
  • Redding rips past Hangartner. Fitzpatrick takes the hit, but throws a perfect pass to Johnson to get the Bills into tying field goal range. Suggs injury stops the clock, and Rian Lindell drills the field goal to send it to OT.
  • Dwan Edwards bats down a pass to help stall Ravens' first OT drive. Yelling, smiling at former Ravens teammates on the sideline after the play.
  • Bryan Scott and Williams flush Flacco out of the pocket. Moats and Chris Kelsay clean up for a half-sack each to end the drive.
  • Off of play-action, Fitzpatrick throws a laser to Evans in one of the tiniest windows you'll see at the NFL level. His best throw of the day by far.
  • Baltimore's Johnson again beats Howard off the edge, hitting Fitzpatrick. Pass sails, interception opportunity.
  • Shawn Nelson. Crap. Hangartner exacerbates the problem by giving the Ravens 15 free yards on a personal foul.
  • Williams offside. Another five yards for the Ravens, setting up Billy Cundiff for a chip-shot game-winner. Ballgame.