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Bills CB Aaron Williams Shows Respect To Andre Reed

Sometimes we sensationalize the bad things that happen with our professional athletes. That's why today, I'm highlighting something good.

Aaron Williams and the rest of the Buffalo Bills draft class have been very active on Twitter since learning they'd be teammates over the weekend. They've been swapping phone numbers and contact info, as well as talking about how they are going to turn this franchise around.

That's great and all, but it's a tweet from Williams to another Bills great that really made me smile.

"I'm very honored you announced my name at the draft," Williams tweeted to Andre Reed. Reed, if you recall, announced the Bills' second-round pick, which they used to select Williams. "I looked up to you when you played." Williams then added the hash tags "#greatperson #greatplayer."

Knowing the history of the team you play for is one thing, but showing respect to a guy that wore the uniform before you will endear him not only to the current roster, but to the alumni and the fans. Well done, Aaron.