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A Question Regarding Our Buffalo Bills Re-Watch

Last week, we really started to get heavily into our Buffalo Bills Re-Watch series, in which we go back and take a look at select games from the Bills' 2010 season. This is not a particularly fun venture, but nothing about the NFL lockout is fun, so we can at least strive to be informative.

For each of the two games reviewed last week (Week 5 against Jacksonville and Week 7 at Baltimore), we ran posts with notes from each half, posts reviewing the post-game rhetoric from when the games were actually played, and a couple of in-depth looks at specific players or plays.

My question for you: is that sufficient for everyone? I'm hesitant to run more than four posts on any one game, because let's face it, re-living the pain once is bad enough. In particular, however, the notes posts seem like something that might be more valuable if they were organized differently. I'm looking for general feedback, of course, but I'm curious as to how y'all would like to see things tweaked as we move on to the remaining nine games.