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Footage From Michael Jasper's Private Workout With Bills

Much has been made about the Buffalo Bills' selection of Bethel (TN) nose guard Michael Jasper in the seventh round of the 2011 NFL Draft. As the story goes (I very nearly used the word "legend" there, sadly), Jasper was a 432-pound guard when he was discovered by Bills scout Matt Hand. Hand told Jasper that if he got below 400 pounds, the Bills would come work him out, and Jasper obliged. Hand went to work Jasper out, and the rest is history.

Dynasty Football, the agency service that represents Jasper, has released several short videos of that workout. One of them, which features Jasper running through a defensive line drill that you commonly see at the NFL Combine, is embedded below. Check out the Dynasty Football YouTube channel for many more, including some agility drills, the long jump and the bench press. You can see Hand in many of them, including the one below.