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Pro Football Focus Elevates Praise Of Kyle Williams

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If you've been paying attention to the fine work from the folks at Pro Football Focus, you know by now that those guys are huge fans of Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams. He is their reigning PFF Defensive Player of the Year, after all.

But PFF always finds new and startling ways to elevate their obsession with Kyle. This one's taking it to a new extreme, as Williams has been named the third-best player in the NFL in 2010. That's right; we'll re-iterate if it's necessary. Of every player that played in the NFL during the 2010 season, PFF thinks Kyle Williams was inferior to just Aaron Rodgers and Justin Smith.

Of course, Williams is rated 30 spots ahead of Tom Brady and 15 ahead of Peyton Manning, so take this however you like. Either way, it's yet another batch of very high praise from a group of people that watch way more football than you and I, and it underscores the fact that Kyle Williams is really awesome.