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Bills Promote Doug Whaley After Tom Modrak Firing

The Buffalo Bills began re-shuffling their front office earlier this week when they fired VP of College Scouting Tom Modrak. The main beneficiary of that move appears to be Assistant GM Doug Whaley, who has received a promotion, according to the team. He now has the additional title of Director of Player Personnel; he spent his first year with the team as Assistant GM/Director of Pro Personnel.

Snuck into the release without much fanfare: Buddy Nix is now, apparently, the Executive Vice President/General Manager of the Buffalo Bills.

In essence, Whaley will be shifting his focus solely from pro personnel to a broader scouting perspective. Per the release, he will report directly to Nix, and all of the team's scouts will report directly to him. He'll scout college prospects, and he'll organize efforts to scout future Bills opponents during the regular season.

Finally, the release seems to imply that the Bills aren't yet done tweaking their front office, saying that Nix and the Bills "are continuing to re-evaluate and reorganize the personnel department."