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Bills Have Room For Roughly 15 More Players

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With the future of the NFL lockout still to be determined in the courts, no one is yet certain when NFL free agency will begin. When it inevitably does, however, the Buffalo Bills are going to be busy. By our count, the team still has room for about 15 more players on its roster.

When we put together an updated Bills depth chart after the 2011 NFL Draft last week, the chart had 65 names on it. NFL teams are allowed to have 80 players on its active roster when training camp begins. Clearly, the Bills have a lot of work to do to finish off their roster before (and if) camp begins.

Some players on the fringe of the current 65-man roster may get cut, which could elevate that number. We also didn't count the team's current set of free agents, so if the team re-signs, for example, a guy like Paul Posluszny or Drayton Florence, that number would shrink. The team will also likely add a large amount of undrafted free agents when the time comes, so this doesn't mean that the Bills will be big open-market spenders for veteran talent. (They won't be.)

The point, however, is this: the roster is going to look a lot different - and a lot bigger - once this pesky labor situation resolves itself.