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Poll: Will Browns Pursue Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner?

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Earlier this year, the Cleveland Browns hired former Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron to be new head coach Pat Shurmur's defensive coordinator. Very soon thereafter, Jauron announced he's be transitioning the Browns from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense. That transformation began during the 2011 NFL Draft, when the team added defensive linemen Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard in the first two rounds.

Free agency is the next step, and though nobody knows when it's going to begin thanks to the lockout, common sense says that two current Bills free agents could be targets for Jauron and the Browns.

Paul Posluszny was an early-Jauron era draft pick, and is the type of player that many coaches would love to have. In Cleveland, Posluszny would likely push D'Qwell Jackson out of the middle linebacker spot; Jackson has not played in an NFL game since Week 6 of the 2009 season. Meanwhile, Donte Whitner was Jauron's first draft pick with the Bills, and the Browns happen to be looking for a safety counterpart for second-year player T.J. Ward.

Our question for you: which of the two players (Posluszny and Whitner) do you think Jauron and the Browns are most likely to pursue once free agency starts?