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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 6/11

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Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 6-10
This week, the venerable Chris Brown discusses the idea of Kelvin Sheppard having the most difficult road to a starting job among rookies, Terrelle Pryor, and NFL rule changes, among other things.

Chat: Chat with Tim Graham - ESPN SportsNation
Tim Graham drops a few opinions on the Bills this week, including a startling yet not-that-startling 4,000-yard, 26-touchdown, 16-interception prediction for Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2011.

Underrated players: AFC East - ESPN AFC East Blog
Buffalo has a distinct lack of publicity, so any of their good players probably could've gotten this nod. I'm giving Graham kudos for going with Roscoe Parrish, a player that I'm very bullish on at the moment.

AEG has spoken with five teams about purchase, relocation | ProFootballTalk
Lots of Bills fans got excited when their favorite team was not among five mentioned as having been contacted by AEG to move to Los Angeles. Albert Breer of, however, pointed out something Friday evening Bills fans won't be as happy about...

... the LA downtown stadium group has actually been in contact with MORE than the 5 teams reported. Those teams are getting monthly briefings on where Farmers Field stands. B/c there isn't a natural team that can move there easily, they're casting a wide net.

Inside The Bills | Shep bonding with vets
Kelvin Sheppard and Shawne Merriman are getting along swimmingly on Twitter.

Inside The Bills | The final on Pryor
Chris Brown wraps up NFL Films' Greg Cosell's Twitter analysis of Terrelle Pryor's game, or lack thereof.

Buffalo Bills Schedule, Roster, Stats, Blog Posts - SB Nation
Check out the re-designed Bills team page at - and give it a like on Facebook, if you feel so inclined.

The Top 10 Coldest games in Bills history -
Well, it's definitely June during an NFL lockout.