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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News 6/14

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Plaxico not interested in playing for Tom Coughlin again | ProFootballTalk
"In contrast, Burress spoke glowingly about his relationship with former Steelers coach Bill Cowher. And that means it could make sense to keep an eye on teams coached by men over whom Cowher has influence, such as the Cardinals and Ken Whisenhunt, and the Bills and Chan Gailey."

Untold Uniform Stories: Missing helmets in Miami -
Bills Equipment Manager Dave Hojnowski talks about an interesting trip to Miami where the team's helmets were stolen the night before the game leaving the staff to scramble and find more.

Rick Bozich | Once lockout ends, Brian Brohm needs a team | The Courier-Journal |
"Most NFL players are merely wondering when the lockout will end. Former University of Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm is concerned with that and another issue: Which team will have a spot for him during the 2011 season?" There's also info on Eric Wood.

Bills introduce Top 10 Performance Series -
" will unveil, for the first time ever, a Top 10 Performance Series with expert analysis from the Bills coaching staff. Beginning on Tuesday, June 14th. The Top 10 Performance Series is a unique and rare opportunity to sit over the shoulder of Buffalo’s assistant coaches as they lay out why their players were so successful in some of their best games from last season."

Inside The Bills | Bills Daily Charge – June 13
Congrats to Brian Galliford for getting his article linked on

Bills hope to give WR Evans bigger role - Yahoo! Sports
"I’m looking to get [Evans] way more involved in the offense this year," Fitzpatrick told WGR 550-AM in Buffalo, "Some of the attention will go off him and he won’t see the constant double-team."

Sestak, Saban on Hall of Very Good list - The Buffalo News
"No Bills player has been "elected" to the HoVG in the eight years since it began. However, Bills great defensive tackle Tom Sestak and Bills coaching great Lou Saban are on the list of 20 candidates for this year's selections."

Expect more LA franchise talk - The Buffalo News
"The Bills were not one of the five mentioned, because owner Ralph Wilson isn't selling. If he died before another team committed to L.A., the Bills would jump to the top of the list. AEG likely will want to step up the pressure on the council to get an agreement in place."

Merriman d. Laettner, con't - The Buffalo News
"The judge ordered Laettner and Davis to make the transfer by June 16 or risk contempt and other sanctions. Additionally, the Judge ordered Laettner and Davis to pay $420,000 in legal fees to Merriman. "

Ball carriers had it tough against AFC East - ESPN AFC East Blog
"The Buffalo Bills were 23rd. They allowed 70 broken tackles on 1,062 defensive plays (6.3 percent)."

The Legend Of Bills LB Arthur Moats Grows - WGR 550
"It's been crazy," Moats laughingly said. "I went back to school and everything, and of course all the students were hyping it up. I'd go in to class and hear 'Favre killer, Favre killer,' signed a lot of Brett Favre jerseys Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers."