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Best Moments in Bills History, No. 24: "We Want Scott"

This is part of our countdown of the 25 best moments in Buffalo Bills History. Check out the complete list, as well as the 25 worst moments in team history, right here.

The Buffalo Bills had just lost in their first trip to the Super Bowl. At the end of that game, Bills kicker Scott Norwood had a chance to hit a 47-yard field goal which would have given Buffalo the victory. Instead, Norwood's kick sailed wide right, and the New York Giants were champions.

The next day, on January 28, 1991, fans in Buffalo picked Norwood up and placed him on their collective shoulders. Before the ceremony even began, the full voice of 25,000 fans showered the team with unwavering "We Want Scott!" chants until the kicker was forced to the podium.

"I've never felt more loved than right now," Norwood told the crowd while fighting back tears.

WIVB sports director and Voice of the Bills John Murphy calls this day the greatest in Buffalo sports history.

"That was the day thousands gathered to salute the Super Bowl losers in Niagara Square and absolve Scott Norwood," said Murphy this January. "An amazing act of civic forgiveness revealing the true heart and soul of Buffalo sports fans."

The immense weight lifted off Norwood's shoulders that day by Bills fans deserves a spot on the list.