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Another Day, Another Hopeful Piece On NFL Labor Front

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OK. I'm worried that we've officially reached "too much of a good thing" territory. But then, I can be cynical.

After three straight days of optimism coming out of NFL labor negotiations, Mike Freeman of published an article last night that, at least in my mind, really elevated the cautiously optimistic chatter of the past several days. This piece was positively glowing.

For starters, Freeman's source tells him that negotiations are "80-85 percent complete." He writes that it would take an incredible act of stupidity for the rapid progress the two sides have made to fall apart. His source speaks of a negotiating room that is rife with pleasantries, jokes and dramatic concessions by both owners and players.

Freeman wraps up by confirming that lawyers have re-entered the negotiating fray - and though he does throw in the obligatory "hopefully, the lawyers won't torpedo progress" line, he's taking Adam Schefter's stance that this can only be good news for the negotiation.

Maybe it's a behavior borne out of being a Bills fan, where heartbreak is sometimes akin to breathing, but when the other shoe drops, I'm almost expecting it to be a breakdown in negotiations. Nothing this overtly positive - particularly after months of vitriol - ends well. Right?